Piedmont Farm Tour Day 1 Review

Just yesterday, I found out that the Piedmont Farm Tour was happening this weekend. I have always wanted to go, but for one reason or another I have not made it in the almost 5 years I have lived here. I was committed to going this weekend. I went online to the farm steward website, and looked at the interactive map and choose 4 farms I wanted to visit. Many of the farms sell their goods at the Carrboro Farmers Market, so I was familiar with them already.

Ayla and I made a girls day out of it. Our first stop was Perry-Winkle Farms. This is the farm I was most excited about. I have been buying chicken and eggs from them for years. They have the best products and the nicest farmer named Michael, aka ‘the chicken guy.’ We arrived and were met with hugs and hellos. We walked around the farm, saw where the chickens lived and where the crops and flowers grew. Michael gave Ayla a fresh egg from the coop and she was in heaven. She was also convinced that it would hatch into a baby chick if she kept it warm enough. That conversation was interesting trying to explain which came first the chicken or the egg!

We left there and headed over to Fickle Creek Farm. I had limited exposure to them but was immediately impressed. They had a numbered guide that as you walked through the farm, you stopped at the numbers and the guide described what you were looking at. All the animals were hanging out peacefully in the fields, under trees, and enjoying the tall green grass. The pigs were free roaming in the woods, I had never seen this before, it was nice, clean, and peaceful, and it didn’t smell! They genuinely looked happy and healthy. Next, we found ourselves in the chicken area. We were greeted by a farm worker and asked if we wanted to gather our own farm fresh eggs! Why yes, of course, we do! Ayla took on this job and loved every second of it. The eggs were still warm, the chickens were happily laying away, and I could not wait to get home and try these beauties out. Fickle Creek also has a farm store where they sell their organic pastured raised beef, pork, mutton, eggs, veggies and more. Fickle Creek is a wonderful farm and I highly recommend that if you have kids, you should take them there for a true farm experience.

Finally, we went down the street to Minka Farms. Another gorgeous setting, baby chicks, goats, donkeys, cows, horses, pigs, chickens, an orchard and more. Ayla enjoyed the barn holding the chicks, petting the cats, and getting nibbled on by the goat!

If you have a few hours I highly recommend you go visit some farms tomorrow. The tour is very organized, signs are clearly marking the farms participating, the website it top notch and you get to see the countryside where you probably aren’t going on a regular basis. You can see how food is supposed to be produced and hopefully will inspire you to support these farms if you see their food out in the community.

Let me know if you make it tomorrow!

Artisan Angela