Lessons on Self Coaching, Episode 003, Changing People

Hi friends!

I tried something new today and recorded my podcast via video!

This week I learned that we can’t change or control people. In fact, we are the ones that need to change if we want our relationships to improve.

Enjoy, and thanks for listening!


2 thoughts on “Lessons on Self Coaching, Episode 003, Changing People”

  1. Angela – I have known for a long time that our own thoughts determine our life and how we live it, but as you point out several times – it’s not easy! We sometimes forget to apply that rule, and remember it later. However, I think that whenever we DO realize that we’ve reacted in a way we don’t wish to, and go forward from that point thinking and reasoning before we act, it’s empowering. I’ve listened to all of your first 3 podcasts and really admire your willingness to openly change your life. It’s not easy but, as you say, it is SO worth it, and makes our life better! Thank you!

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