Lessons on Self Coaching, Episode 001, Thoughts

Welcome to my first podcast!

This week we are exploring how our thoughts create action in our lives.



6 thoughts on “Lessons on Self Coaching, Episode 001, Thoughts”

  1. Angela, I am proud of your development, how you are taking control of your life, and how you are inspiring others. I look forward to seeing you flourish in all your endeavors. Congratulations on your first podcast, which I have listened to on its entirety! Best withes!

  2. Love, love, love, love this! I have heard and read tidbits about these concepts, and I am aware that I need to make a change in my thinking in order to make changes in my words, actions, life, but it’s just been an abstract goal. I am going to follow through and do the exercises you have suggested to make this into a concrete, obtainable life skill!

    1. Carol! Thank you so much for your feedback!!! I’m so happy that you listened and are open to trying it out. Like I said in the podcast, it’s truly life-changing. And the cool part is the only thing you have to change in your life are your own thoughts!! It’s magic. Let me know how it goes!!

  3. I was totally indulging in negative thought last night when hubs did not wipe down the kitchen counter – yep, totally unnecessary bitter spar words. Love, love, LOVE your first podcast. Thank you, I am geeking out, too! Congrats! xo

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