Cookie Cake or Cookie Fail?

Pete has been in Seattle for a conference all week, so I have been enjoying my evenings at home and having girlfriends over to drink wine and catch up. It was my last night alone before Pete was to return and invited my friend Missy over for, you guessed it, wine!

My co-workers and I have been dreaming of cookie cakes and I couldn’t get it out of my head, so I asked Missy to bring over 2 cups of flour so I could make cookies or a cookie cake, I had to have something sweet. Normally, I have a fully stocked pantry with baking ingredients, but since I have been managing all 3 kids for a week and working my store trips had been limited.

She arrives with the flour and we get to chatting and I make the cookies per usual, mixing the eggs, butter, sugars, baking soda, etc. When it comes to adding the flour, I look at the bag she brought and it said SELF RISING! Oh no, I had already added the baking soda. I knew these cookies were going to be extra fluffy. We contemplated just eating the dough and throwing it out, but ultimately decided to make a cookie cake!

So I put the dough in a large round deep tart pan and put it in the oven. We continued to chat, lick the spoons and drink our wine. By the way, chocolate chip cookie dough and cabernet sauvignon are a great pairing!  I went to check on it in the oven and the batter had risen over the pan and all over the bottom of the stove! Damn you self-rising flour!!! So I scraped up the drippings and put a cookie sheet under the pan. Set the timer for another 10 minutes.

We were hysterically laughing about the damn self-rising flour and our cookie cake debacle. You had to be there I guess.

It took awhile to finish baking, and it didn’t look that bad when I pulled it out of the oven. Missy enjoyed the crispy edges that fell off while it cooled. After about 10 minutes I cut it and served it up. We thought it wasn’t bad, it was very light and more cake-like in texture.

We both agreed to just buy regular all purpose flour and add your own rising agents! Just say no to self-rising flour!

It made for an entertaining evening, and I got my cookie fix.

If you want the recipe send me a note and I’ll send it to you!

Artisan Angela and guest chef Missy