A Fitness Journey

Fitness, health, exercise, working out, eating healthy, being fit, strong, what does it all mean?

It means different things to different people. To me, fitness is being able to do almost anything. If someone asked me to go backpacking with them on the Appalachian Trail, I would say hell yes. When my kids need me to help them learn how to ride a bike and I have to run next to them, I can do that. It means having the stamina to get through a long day of working, cooking, running errands, cleaning the house, entertaining guests, and feeling good and energized through all of it.

To me, it also means that I will age in a healthy way. I hopefully, (crossing fingers and toes here), won’t have to worry about heart disease or diabetes and my chances of dementia and Alzheimer’s are greatly reduced because of daily exercise. I want to grow old healthy and continue doing the things that I love such as traveling, going on adventures with my kids, and learning new things.

My fitness journey began in college, I ran and went to group exercise classes such as aerobics and yoga. After college, I hiked, ran, and practiced yoga. All through the years, I’ve had long stints of being ‘on’ and working out on a regular basis and stints of being ‘off’ such as post babies. Currently, I have been ‘on’ for about 3 years. Traditionally when I start a fitness regime, I would run starting out with intervals then working up to run 3 miles and sometimes even to a half marathon or 10k race. However, I have sustained several foot injuries and suffer from Achilles tendonitis, that limits how much I can run. Throughout my fitness journey, I have learned how to adjust to injuries, sicknesses, travel and normal life happenings. Read about my latest accomplishment in overcoming injuries here!

Currently, I work out at home using Beachbody On Demand programs. They are online streaming videos in which I follow along. It’s like going to a class but never leaving your home. These have dramatically changed my current fitness levels. I lift weights, I do burpees, push ups, lunges, squats, and jump. I’m constantly challenging myself to improve and to see how far I can go.

Here, I’ll post my weekly workout tips and advice on how you can fit this into your busy life. The first tip is, make fitness a priority. Almost make it your number one priority. I know that’s hard for those of us that have kids, spouses, work, school, travel, whatever it is. But once you make that commitment, all those other things will fall into place and you will

perform better there as well. Another benefit is that it keeps your mood in check. I’m much nicer when I can get out all my anxiety, anger, frustration and just focus on doing the workout.

I’m much like a tiger that has just fed after I work out, less likely to strike out! Ha, in all seriousness working out is good for you, it helps in every part of your life. If you want to live a long healthy life with minimal issues, get out there and move your body! (Cue song, Move your body girl, move your body..)

I’m looking forward to you following along my fitness journey with me! Please share your tips, inspirations, motivations and new ideas too, I love reading and discovering new tricks to include on my fitness journey!