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Lessons on Self Coaching, Episode 010, Weight Loss Part 3

Yipee! Part 3! Please listen to the other 2 in order. You can get to the good stuff without doing the work right?! I’ll share my success in Part 3, and how I used my brain to finally tackle this struggle FOREVER. You definitely¬†don’t want […]

Lessons on Self Coaching, Episode 009, Weight Loss Part 2

Hi again, Ready for more already? Part 2¬†will focus on what I have learned after applying some of the tactics that are recommended at The Life Coach School in the Stop Overeating Class. This one is where all the nitty-gritty lies, don’t skip ahead! Yours, […]

Lessons on Self Coaching, Episode 008, Weight Loss Part 1

Hello, my lovely people!

I’m so excited to share Part 1 in my Lessons on Weight Loss. We all LOVE a good juicy weight loss story right?!

Part 1 will focus on my history and past experiences with weight loss and why I overate.




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