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Lessons on Self Coaching, Episode 007, The Future

Lessons on Self Coaching, Episode 007, The Future

Hello! Welcome to Episode 007! This week I applied how to be my future self. There is no need to wait until you have reached your goals to act and believe that whatever you want is already true! So fun. Thanks for listening – oh […]

Lessons on Self Coaching, Episode 006, Emotions

Hi there! Welcome to episode 6! This week I discovered how to welcome and anticipate emotions. We can choose how we feel about any situation. Tune in and learn how to take back control of your emotions. Enjoy! #ArtisanAngelaPodcast Podcast: Play in new window | […]

Lesson on Self Coaching, Episode 005, Planning

Welcome to March! 

Episode 005 is here and this week I talk about the importance of PLANNING. Exciting right?!

I discuss planning ahead for what we will eat to how we will feel.  I learned the power of planning and how it actually brings more freedom in our every day lives. 

Thanks for listening!



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